About Us

Litmus Logic delivers game changing cyber defense strategies that compete against the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). After innovating and implementing pioneering strategies with us our clients often become ‘role models’ for their industry and/or region. With over $1B of implemented strategies Litmus Logic has earned media coverage from the Economist, History Channel, and Business Journals. The firm pioneered 'strategy execution for cyber defense' – the fusion of cyber security domain expertise with proven strategy implementation methods that enable our clients to achieve business benefits quickly and consistently in spite of complexity.


Policies and Strategies
  • • Federated PKI Capability

  • • Identity and Access Management Capability

  • • FISMA (Security and Privacy), 800-53

  • • Trusted Software Ingress Capability

  • • PKI, Smartcards, Biometrics

  • • Veracode Magic Quadrant Code Analysis

  • • Network Admission Control (NAC)

  • • Virtualization, IPv6, Networks, E-Mail


Strategy Advisory & Innovation
  • • Strategy Appraisal & Development

  • • Innovation Workshops

  • • Cost and Timeline Estimation

Strategy Execution
  • • Program Management & Appraisal

  • • Specialized Architecture & Engineering

Managed Services
  • • Managed Assurance and Security Testing

  • • Internal Audit as a Service

Company Data

Founded in 2001, Litmus Logic is a boutique firm offering world-class expertise required to make transformational changes in the areas of security, privacy, and Internet technologies.

  • • Holistic view to achieve outcomes

  • • Leadership in cyber security and identity management

  • • Focus on what works and achieving the mission over selling the easy fix

Affiliations & Awards:

Voted into US Critical
Infrastructure (since 2008)

TSCP Member (since 2012)

Earned Media: The Economist,
History Channel, Business Journals


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