About Us

Litmus Logic delivers game-changing cyber defense strategies that comete against the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). After innovating and implementing pioneering strategies with us, our clients often become ‘role models’ for their industry and/or region. With over $1B of implemented strategies, Litmus Logic has earned media coverage from the Economist, History Channel, and Business Journals. The firm pioneered 'strategy execution for cyber defense' – the fusion of cyber security domain expertise with proven strategy implementation methods that enable our clients to achieve business benefits quickly and consistently in spite of complexity.


  • Policies and Strategies
    • Federated PKI Capability

    • Identity and Access Management Capability

    • FISMA (Security and Privacy), 800-53

    • Trusted Software Ingress Capability

  • Technologies
    • PKI, Smartcards, Biometrics

    • Veracode Magic Quadrant Code Analysis

    • Network Admission Control (NAC)

    • Virtualization, IPv6, Networks, E-Mail


  • Strategy Advisory & Innovation
    • Strategy Appraisal & Development

    • Innovation Workshops

    • Cost and Timeline Estimation

  • Strategy Execution
    • Program Management & Appraisal

    • Specialized Architecture & Engineering

  • Managed Services
    • Managed Assurance and Security Testing

    • Internal Audit as a Service

Company Data
Founded in 2001, Litmus Logic is a boutique firm offering world-class expertise required to make transformational changes in the areas of security, privacy, and Internet technologies.
  • Holistic view to achieve outcomes

  • Leadership in cyber security and identity management

  • Focus on what works and achieving the mission over selling the easy fix
Affiliations & Awards:
  • Voted into US Critical Infrastructure (since 2008)

  • TSCP Member (since 2012)

  • Earned Media: The Economist, History Channel, Business Journals