All too often, hardware and software vendors aim to sell you their latest widget or gadget with promises of solving all of your problems. At the same time, consulting "think tanks" sit in their Ivory Towers and postulate on the ultimate solution to all of your burning issues. The reality, however, is that never the twain shall meet.


Litmus Logic has built a solid reputation with strong customer loyalty because of their ability to successfully fuse these two skill sets together for a full 360-degree, holistic approach. The depth of the firm's grasp on technology and implementation is unmatched by any of the "Big 5" consulting shops. And the depth of their understanding of process & policy is unmatched by VARs and pure integrators.


The Litmus Logic "ECO Lab" is a key ingredient in this mix.


For years, Litmus Logic's ECO Lab has been an internal "secret weapon" used to prove out the firm's solutions in simulated real-world environments. "We believe that you must prove the technical solution not the product," says Alex Rosenbaum, CEO of Litmus Logic, Inc. "Vendors only prove their product." The Litmus Logic ECO Lab is a heterogeneous, multi-vendor environment of hardware and software combinations that can be used to simulate a real-world environment.


A particular software package may be terrific in and of itself, and integrates well with Product X. But what if the customer has an installed base of Legacy Product Y instead?


Litmus Logic has long used its ECO Lab to prove out solutions with the specific hardware and software combinations used by its customers. This not only enables the firm to verify that its solutions are solid, but also allows the firm to overcome obstacles and interoperability in a test environment before disrupting a client site with a failed implementation. Anyone who's ever had their facilities disrupted by the all too common occurrences of extended implementation problems will appreciate and understand this immense benefit.